System pickup help in Santa Fe, NM?

From: Tony Eros <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 21:34:14 2001

I was high bidder for a Xerox 8010 workstation (frequently referred to as
the Xerox Star) on eBay.

I hate eBay -- I'm a real fan of yard sales and this is the world's
biggest. It's just too darned easy to spend _way_ too much money there,
but then again, I got nobody to blame but myself, don't I :-)

-- Tony

At 08:43 PM 10/27/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Sorry, I can't help but I'm curious: what did you buy and what
>did you pay for it to pay it off over the next couple of years?
>Tony Eros wrote:
>>Is there anyone on the list in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area? I think I
>>just bought my birthday and Christmas present for the next couple of
>>years and could use some help with picking up and shipping the system.
>>If you can help, please contact me off list.
>>-- Tony
>Gunther Schadow, M.D., Ph.D.
>Medical Information Scientist Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
>Adjunct Assistant Professor Indiana University School of Medicine
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