How to disassemble an HSC90?

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 21:43:34 2001

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> Paul Thompson wrote:
> > I tried to disassemble a HSC70 and ran into much the same problem. I
> > take the backplane out thinking that would assist in removing the sides
> > and regretted it. It was definitely assembled in a manner that made all
> > the cabinet components basically inaccessible.
> >
> > I still have that backplane somewhere.
> Ugh, that sounds frightening indeed! Thank you for giving me that
> warning. I will put everything back together and will have to
> find some neighbors to help me lift the whole thing downstairs in
> one piece. Ugh. The thing I always wonder about in these cases is:
> what the heck was the rationale of building something that is
> impossible to disassemble without final destruction? I'm just glad
> that most of DEC's heavy metal is *not* that bad.

ISTR having to get the side covers off a HSC50 some years back, which I
think is the same cabinet as the 90 (certainly the same as the 70) and it
wasn't real easy. I don't recall offhand how I did it now,
I've never had any problems moving them so the necessity has not arisen.
I'll have a look at one of the 50's I've got here and see if I can remember.

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> PS: is the top level of the HSC rack big enough to take some sort
> of PDP-11 or PDP-8? I didn't really want a PDP-11 until I figured
> I might actually have some room for it in that rack.
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