Do we have a VAX organization?

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Date: Sun Oct 28 14:28:48 2001

One of the big problems that I see is Storage. Paul Pierce had to buy a
building to store his collection of big iron, it will become the museum in
the future.

Big Iron takes space, dry space, with a concrete floor and a loading dock to
handle comfortably. Does anyone have extra space.

I know of good cheap space in Portland, OR but, as we know rented space is
very expensive in the long run.

I think it is a good idea to plan ahead for machine deinstalls. They often do
come out of service in large batches. Not only are they much less common
later but parts and manuals often become very scarce.

How about a concrete slab/steel building in the dry part of the South
West. Anyone have property or a building for long term storage.

I am willing to help with my shipping skills anywhere in the Northwest.

Astoria, OR
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