From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sun Oct 28 13:52:24 2001

> A typical example is the 64-bit PCI. I've seen several desirable cards offered
> for the 64-bit PCI, yet I've not seen even ONE advertised motherboard that
> actually supports 64-bit PCI. From what I've read, 32-bit PCI boards work in a
> 64-bit slot, yet nobody seems to be offering that feature in their
> advertisement. I'd guess that's because it's cheaper/easier to diverge slightly
> from the published standard in making these products, hence they don't make
> claims about compatibility.

64-bit PCI cards will work in a 32-bit PCI slot. I've got a four-port 64-bit
Ethernet card in a 32-bit PCI slot in one of my systems.

As for motherboards with 64-bit PCI slots, there are several. First off, there
are several Alpha motherboards with 64-bit PCI slots. Then there are the boards
for the Pentium III processors with the Serverworks chipsets. There are also
motherboards for Athlon-MP processors with 64-bit PCI slots (some of which are
also 66MHz slots). I know there were earlier motherboards for Pentium II and
Xeon processors with 64-bit PCI slots, but they weren't advertised in the usual
places as they were more of a specialized board, but they were advertised in
some areas.
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