From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Oct 28 18:13:06 2001

>As for motherboards with 64-bit PCI slots, there are several. First
>off, there
>are several Alpha motherboards with 64-bit PCI slots. Then there
>are the boards
>for the Pentium III processors with the Serverworks chipsets. There are also
>motherboards for Athlon-MP processors with 64-bit PCI slots (some of which are
>also 66MHz slots). I know there were earlier motherboards for Pentium II and
>Xeon processors with 64-bit PCI slots, but they weren't advertised
>in the usual
>places as they were more of a specialized board, but they were advertised in
>some areas.

        The newer non-AGP PowerMac's have a 64bit PCI slot as well.
It's generally the slot in which the video card resides.

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