From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Mon Oct 29 00:10:41 2001

> Not having tried it I can't say, but there's clearly a difference in performance
> between a 32-bit slot and 64-bit slot. I'd guess the fast I/O devices need all
> the transfer bandwidth the 64-bit slot can offer. That would make a 64-bit
> board plugged into a 32-bit slot inappropriate if not useless.

I have two 64-bit PCI cards. One is a four-port 100M Ethernet card and the
other is a dual-port U2W SCSI card. The Ethernet card is plugged into my
Internet gateway as I had to have three Ethernet ports and I only had one
free PCI slot (one for each of my DSL chnnections, one to the local LAN).
The card works fine in a 32-bit slot, but I'm not maxing out the connections
in any case.

The 64-bit SCSI card is in a 64-bit PCI slot and works fine there, but I've
also used it in a 32-bit slot without any problems.

> Surely somebody is making and selling these things.

The cards? Yes. The motherboards? Yes.

I don't think a lot of people need 64-bit PCI cards at home or on their
office desktops. In servers, yes.
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