Osborne 1 (was: OT :-)

From: Wouter de Waal <wrm_at_ccii.co.za>
Date: Mon Oct 29 09:46:24 2001

Hi again all

Tony asks:

>Why suspect the FDC? This soulds like nothing more than a shorted or
>leaky keyswitch. Have yoy taken the keyboard apart to check for this yet.

When I unplug the keyboard and short out what I think is
Enter (OK, maybe it's something else) the screen still
refreshes, no lights on the floppy drives.

>leaky (about 100k between the pins when the key is not pressed). This
>will confuse some keyboard controller circuits.

At least 3 of the switches seem to be dead shorts. And it's an
assemble-once keyboard, the keys have little plastic pins that
are melted to keep the whole affair together.

ZS1KE for anyone interested
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