From: Chris <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 09:49:57 2001

>This wouldn't happen to have been the Bergen Record...
>Used to work for one of their papers as a reporter back before I got into
>PDP11's at DEC.

Why yes, yes it is the Bergen Record.

Right now my project has been put on hold. My friend asked the IT staff
about a manual this morning, and they swore up and down that it doesn't
matter, the newer version of ATEX will be going online in January. He
doubts it, as it seems EVERYTHING they promise is about a year late
before it actually gets in place. But until he can find a better person
to talk to, there isn't much more I can do.

However, I will keep my ears open, if I understand the Atex systems from
their web site, the new system will no longer use the PDP-11 that the
current one is based off. So one (or more? Atex implies that there may be
multiples chained together) may be available soon. I don't have any pull
down there to get them, but maybe I can get my friend to find someone I
can talk to that does have some say in their disposal.


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