How to disassemble an HSC90?

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 10:17:09 2001

Are the sdies getting stuck on wheel brackets that stick out too far? A DEC
rack I have for a tape drive had that problem. The brackets by the two back
wheels stick out about 1/8". Enough to stop the side panel from lifting
neatly up...

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! Subject: How to disassemble an HSC90?
! Hi,
! has anyone of you ever disassembled an HSC cabinet? I am looking
! pretty stupid right now. It's not the first piece of DEC iron
! equipment that I have moved in pieces, I did two VAX6000 and one
! TU81+. But this one is different. While being half-height like the
! TU81, it's quite a bit deeper. The side-walls appear to be just
! locked at the bottom and then hooked such that one can lift it
! up and off, like the TU81's side walls. However, they do not move
! no matter how hard I try. I don't find any screws holding them,
! though. And with the sidewalls on, I cannot remove the top-cover
! either.
! So, I was hoping I could at least take it into two pieces by
! moving the whole core out in one piece. Apparently that central
! unit is just screwed on the front, like a rack-mount device.
! Indeed I can move it out quite far. But then it stops at a
! protruding piece of the backplane circuit board! There seems
! to be no way to move that core all the way out other than by
! removing the backplane circuite board. And I'm not going to do
! that.
! Other DEC equipment was quite straight forward to disassemble,
! but this one beats the auto-assembies in difficulty level.
! I appreciate every advice. My suspicion is that the sidewalls
! are indeed removable, but mine are just stuck. Someone seen
! it?
! regards
! -Gunther
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