Classic Gaming OT and OT / Re: OT: Playstation 2 opinion?

From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 11:19:57 2001

I have three versions of the Atari 2600 (six-switch, four-switch, and the
Sears Tele-Games), and a 7800 that I play regularly.

I also collect the full-size arcade machines. It's very interesting for
games like Ms Pac Man, where I own the 2600, 7800, Atari 8-bit, and C-64
versions, and the real thing......

         - Matt

>So how many people collect gaming environments? It seems that classic
>computers go back to the early days of the C-64 vs Atari console wars.
>Remember the advertisements where the young guy is sitting in a job
>interview and the interviewer says, "So you can score 200,000 in space
>donuts and get to the 15th level in maze wars, but what else can you do?"
>and then they offer that if your kid said, "I can hack a C64" they would
>hire him. (they don't really say that, they imply programming ability :-)
>But I've been a gamer as long as I've been a programmer (which is waaay
>too long ;-) and witnessing the folks who got the original 4.2BSD image of
>the game Haunt running under NetBSD/VAX was an example of the extremes
>folks would like to get to, to recreate gaming experiences.
>All the gaming magazines (especially the ones that are left) wax rhapsodic
>about the "good old days" when polygon count and particle physics weren't
>as important as game play. There are some classic computer games out there
>(SpaceWar being perhaps the most famous) that need preserving.

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