Classic Gaming OT and OT / Re: OT: Playstation 2 opinion?

From: Chris <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 11:38:55 2001

>So how many people collect gaming environments?

I can't say I "collect" them, but more I have a collection of them (and
more units gravitate to me from time to time).

I have things like an Odessey (the original one with the littel card edge
cartridges, and the screen overlays), Atari 2600 (one market one, one
prerelease prototype), Intellivision, Stunt Cycle, Odessey 500(? the
newer one), NES, Playstation (1001 model with mod chip, and a 9000
without), and an assortment of stand-alone non TV interface things (like
a Donkey Kong, Tron, Crazy Climber, and a heap of space war or driving
things). I HAD a colecovision (prerelease prototype unit) and an ADAM
add-on (also prerelease), but a friend "borrowed" it many years ago, and
it never came back (along with half my atari 2600 carts, the prick!).

I was supposed to get a Turbo-Graphix 16 and a Turbo Express, but both
fell thru (the 16, the owner forgot and threw it out, and the Express, I
turned down because it was a Japanese prototype so I couldn't play it,
hind sight I have kicked myself ever since, it HAD been one of 3 in the
US at the time, and one of 10 in existance! ARGHH!!)

I have not yet begun to aquire Arcade Machines, as I just don't have the
room, but I did go half on a Tron with my sister (she stores it at her


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