How to disassemble an HSC90?

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 14:19:59 2001

> Gunther Schadow wrote:
>Yup, that's how it works with the TU81. Those brackets can be
>removed by loosening up the screws and lifing the metal pieces up
>away. Then the side walls can be yanked off by a good pull straight
>That's how it appears to be with the HSC initially: in fact, there
>two similar metal pieces in the front that can be unfastened and
>inward. Yet, after this is done the sidewalls don't move any
>They are stuck as if glued or welded on! This is like a magic
>woodbox. May be there is a magic thing you have to know so
>resolves in ease, but so far this transcendental knowledge has not
>been revealed to earthly beings by the gods who dwelleth on the Mt.

>Manynard or their prophets who service the fields. :-)

        I've not followed this from the start so I don't
        know how deep into the HSC90 you want to
        go, but the steps for upgrading an HSC90 to
        an HSC95 may help.

        1. Power off.

        2. Turn the nylon catches on the card cage cover
             1/4 turn each and pull cover up and out.

        3. Swap modules to taste.

        For removing the rear door:

        1. Open door.
        2. Release hinge pin by pulling down on release lever.
        3. Slide door out and lift up: do not bend bottom pin.

        I've never (knowingly) seen an HSC6x or HSC9x so
        all I can say is that it sounds pretty easy so I
        assume you are doing something other than
        swapping modules?

        The IPB suggests that the side panels "hang" on
        the sides and, once the top is off, will slide upwards
        until they are clear of their "hooks". There may be some
        obvious screws involved too (it's not immediately clear
        whether this is a different cab variant/rev or not).

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