SCSI Tape + MV3100 + VMS

From: Matt London <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 13:45:53 2001

Hi guys,
  Dunno if anyone can help here, but I was recently given a Tandberg TDC
3325 and some tapes. The guy who gave this to me had it working in a PC
with a SCSI controller running linux. I've not got any documentation for
this drive at all, so I'd like to know what the SW1 dipswitch sets (I've
worked out 1-3 are SCSI ID)
  Now I'd like to use this drive in my MV3100 to backup the VMS 5.4
install before I ditch it and start over with VMS 7.x.
  I put the drive in, and turned on the VAX - so far so good...

>>> show dev
 ------- ------ -------- ------ -------- ----- -- ------ ---
 ESA0 SE0 08-00-2B-23-3D-21

 DKA300 RZ3 A/3/0/00 DISK 121 MB FX RZ23L 252B
 ...HostID.... A/6 INTR

 MKB400 TZ12 B/4/0/00 TAPE ........ RM ...........
 ...HostID.... B/6 INTR


It's picking up the drive then (I tried it as MKA400 too - same result)

So I start VAX/VMS 5.4 abd login as SYSTEM...

$ initialise mkb400: foo
%INIT-F-DRVERR, fatal drive error

It doesn't run the tape at all when I do this, only when you first
put the tape in. The activity LED comes on when you put a tape in, and
doesn't flicker.

I'm at a loss - could it be it's not 512 byte blocks? If so, can anyone
tell me how to change it.

I tried it on both SCSI channels, so it shouldn't be a termination issue.

Any ideas people?

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