SCSI Tape + MV3100 + VMS

From: Matt London <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 15:10:21 2001


On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Paul Thompson wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Matt London wrote:
> > Dunno if anyone can help here, but I was recently given a Tandberg TDC
> > 3325 and some tapes. The guy who gave this to me had it working in a PC
> > with a SCSI controller running linux. I've not got any documentation for
> > this drive at all, so I'd like to know what the SW1 dipswitch sets (I've
> > worked out 1-3 are SCSI ID)
> > Now I'd like to use this drive in my MV3100 to backup the VMS 5.4
> > install before I ditch it and start over with VMS 7.x.
> > I put the drive in, and turned on the VAX - so far so good...
> If this is the 150MB tandberg found commonly on IBM equipment, it uses
> a buggy implementation of SCSI-1 and I doubt you will ever get it to work
> on your VAX. ( I was never able to on mine)

It's the 150M :&(

Oh well - looks like I'm gonna have to go hunting for another method of
backing up the 3100 :&/

Ho hum.

Maybe I'll go backup the MV3300 onto TK70 instead - it'll pass the time

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