SCSI Tape + MV3100 + VMS

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 14:36:20 2001

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Matt London wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Dunno if anyone can help here, but I was recently given a Tandberg TDC
> 3325 and some tapes. The guy who gave this to me had it working in a PC
> with a SCSI controller running linux. I've not got any documentation for
> this drive at all, so I'd like to know what the SW1 dipswitch sets (I've
> worked out 1-3 are SCSI ID)
> Now I'd like to use this drive in my MV3100 to backup the VMS 5.4
> install before I ditch it and start over with VMS 7.x.
> I put the drive in, and turned on the VAX - so far so good...

If this is the 150MB tandberg found commonly on IBM equipment, it uses
a buggy implementation of SCSI-1 and I doubt you will ever get it to work
on your VAX. ( I was never able to on mine)

If it is a tandberg 1.2GB or higher drive you probably would have better
luck since these are newer drives and implement a more common SCSI command

You might also try RZDISK if it is available for your version of VMS and
see what it says since it will print all kinds of handy information about
SCSI devices.
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