Apple II accelerator and Micromodem II questions

From: David Williams <>
Date: Wed Oct 31 12:57:17 2001

Thanks. Now I have to find the software for this thing.

On 31 Oct 2001, at 9:37, Ernest wrote:
> The Accelerator II makes your Apple II run 3.6 times faster. Based on
> a fast 6502 processor with 64k of high-speed memory. Includes built-in
> fast language card. Special pre-boot diskette included to run
> Applesoft, Pascal, and Integer basic from on board RAM. Just plug in
> the Accelerator II and make your Apple one of the most powerful
> microcomputers available.
> Suggested retail price: $599.00
> I took this info from an add in Byte (May, 1983)
> I'll dig around today and see what I can find for it. I wonder if I
> have the preboot disk?

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