Emulex Qbus Disk controller? (Wiring diagram for connectors?)

From: Corda Albert J DLVA <CordaAJ_at_nswc.navy.mil>
Date: Wed Oct 31 16:18:23 2001

Thanks! I believe I have a couple of ESDI drives hanging
around from one of my SGI 4D/70 behemoths....

I've done another quick deja search and, while it's confirmed
the ESDIness of the controller, There doesn't seem to be
any info out there as far as the DIP switch, and pinouts
for the connectors. (I also checked a few other sites I
know of that have scanned DEC manuals, but no luck... anyone
know of a site with a scanned manual for this critter?)

If I remember correctly, ESDI has a MFM-like interconnect
with separate control and data cables. The control cable
daisy-chains across the drives, while the data cables
star out from the controller to each drive. Since my
controller has 3 connectors, I would guess that it probably
supports 2 drives (one connector driving the control cable,
and one data connector for each of two drives) What I don't
know is the pinouts for the connectors on the controller
(since all 3 connectors appear to be identical in size
and SCSI-2 form factor) does anyone have a clue as to the connector
assignments and wiring pattern? I can possibly hack a couple
of SCSI2 cables to make a viable adaptor...


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> one)
> Search on Emulex QD24 and you'll be rewarded with the
> information that it
> is an Emulex MSCP ESDI disk controller. Which can be just as
> useful as a
> SCSI card since finding a couple of 300MB ESDI drives
> shouldn't be too
> hard. I think I've got a 170MB one laying about somewhere.
> Kirk Davis (kdb_at_ndx.net) mentioned he had some SCSI
> controllers he was
> thinking about trading for PDP-11 gear. Also I just missed a
> lot that had
> about 10 Dilog SCSI controllers on it at a local scrap/bid
> place (had I
> known I would have bid more than the $75 it went for :-() my
> interest was
> in the more mundane things like a couple of DSSI ID plugs and
> an external
> DSSI disk expansion box.
> --Chuck
> At 11:32 AM 10/31/01, you wrote:
> >I'm trying to bring up NetBSD on a Vax 4000/300, and so I'm
> >looking for a MSCP SCSI disk controller. After going through
> >my stack of Qbus boards (collected from hamfests, etc.) I came across
> >one that looks like it might be a SCSI controller... unfortunately,
> >I haven't been able to confirm it, since a google search turns up
> >very little on it (a bad sign...sigh) The board is labeled:
> >
> >"Emulex Corp QD2410401-02 rev F"
> >
> >It has 3 connectors and a DIP switch on the front plate. The
> >connectors appear to be of the SCSI-2 form factor. Has anyone
> >run across this critter before, or tried it with NetBSD? Come
> >to think of it, Is this even SCSI, or something else
> >entirely? Also, does anyone know where their might be some
> >on-line docs for it, or at least a description of the DIP
> switch settings...
> >
> >-thanks-
> >-al-
> >-acorda_at_1bigred.com
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