VAX 11/780 documentation requested

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 15:47:49 2001

> Matthew Sell wrote:
>I'm trying to find documentation to help get my 11/780 fully

        As of last weekend you'll find a set of
        six technical manuals over at:

        They're all technical manuals rather than user
        guides and maintenance guides but that's
        all I was sent. The HW user guide may well
        be on its way sometime ... if it turns up
        I'll scan it and let you know.

        I've seen people on this list state before now
        that they have the printsets so maybe they'll
        appear one day.

>There was a diagnostic guide on E-Bay that I really wanted, and bid
>pretty decent amount on, but it seems someone else needed that
>more than I did. Oh well......

        Eighty odd dollars! You could try the seller to
        see if it was a duplicate and/or you could try
        the buyer to see if he can either help out
        or scan it for you.

>me know. This is needed to get my 780 back to operation. If you
want links
>to a site showing my 780 for proof that I indeed have one, let me
know. I

        Links would be nice anyway ... I for one
        would like to see a VAX-11/780 again!

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