World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 19:38:23 2001

Well, I definitely put my foot in it that time, but what I believed at the time
was that the second event, initially reported as a plane crash into a helipad on
another building, was unrelated to the WTC event(s), as it had been so sketchily

I didn't vote for Dubya either, nor did a majority of the voters in the U.S,
yet, presumably in part by the corrupt influence of his brother and associated
henchment, and partly by quirk of circumstance, he's the chief exec anyway.
Keep in mind that his daddy, George I, did things that were questionable as
well, e.g. starting the "Desert Shield" operation concurrently with the start of
his son Neil's trial for financial fraud here in Colorado, in which he
purportedly bilked savers and, eventually, the U.S. government out of
approximately 2.2 Billion dollars.

Disagreeing with a politician, wherever you are, is not a declaration of wishing
him harm. I don't wish the senseless twit harm either, though I frequently wish
him laryngitis. Mostly I wish him some basic education, which, unfortunately,
he didn't get the first time he had a chance, and probably won't get this time

His daddy seems to have taught him well the concept of surrounding himself with
people of ethics more questionable than even his own. He nominated and had
confirmed a Secretary of the Interior, formerly the unpopular state treasurer of
Colorado, who was several times accused, but, owing to her wily nature, never
convicted, of various corrupt acts including things such as embezzlement and
misapropriation of funds, and the like.

His only saving grace is that he's probably not substantially more addleheaded
than his opponent in the controversial election he won. Neither of them seemed
able to speak the truth; one because he couldn't speak, the other because he
didn't recognize the truth.


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> >
> > Yes ... Dubya must have REALLY pissed someone off! Reports are that these
> > specific attacks, and that there was also an apparently intentional crash on
> > helipad near the Pentagon ... <sigh> You'd think they'd get closer than
> > ...
> I don't find that last comment remotely funny.
> FWIW, there are some aspects of the US President's current policies that I
> disagree with. 'DIsagree' in the sense that if I was a US citizen I would
> have voted against him in the elections. Not that I wish him (or anyone
> else) any harm.
> I disagree infinitely more with terrorist action though. I don't believe
> that killing anyone, particularly not 'innocent bystanders' is ever going
> to solve anything.
> My thoughts are with those who may have lost family, friends or loved
> ones in these terrible incidents.
> :-(
> -tony
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