IBM PowerStation 530

From: Blair J. Miller <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 10:53:16 2001

> You should be able to get it to use a serial console. Having the key to
> get it into service mode is extra helpful.

Fortunately, I've got the key. Unfortunately, I'm a newbie to ALL of this,
and I'm not sure what a serial console is... can you elaborate?

> Making sure the RAM hasn't been removed is important. The amount would
> matter if you were going to try to move to recent versions of AIX.

I doubt it has. It was just sitting there, and it doesn't appear that anyone
has opened it in a LONG LONG time. As for AIX, I'll figure that out when I
can actually use the system. I also read something very brief that this
machine would run LinuxPPC or YellowDog (forget which). Any idea if that's

Thanks for your help.

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