Moving VMS

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Sep 22 13:11:02 2001

From: Iggy Drougge <>
>Now, I've got three functioning VMS 5.5 disks. And we've got a MicroVAX
>without system disks. Would it be possible to just connect one of my
>disks to the SCSI bus on the ?VAX or would the system crash and burn
when it
>couldn't find any graphics hardware and perhaps not the exact same
>systems (these are disks from a VAXstation 3100, so they're close

Should not be a problem as I've dont it here.

The better way is to start from a working system with a drive that is
(for use in the target vax) and invoking VMSbuild to create a copy of VMS
on the target disk. Then that target disk can be booted and proceed as
if it was a regular VMSinstall. We used this trick years ago to put VMS
on RD54s to install on new microvaxen (MV-II) faster than using TK50
ot MOP.

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