Announcing Aftermath Technologies

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sat Sep 22 13:42:28 2001

As a favor to the Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Oakland,
California, who is hosting the VCF Archives as well as the upcoming VCF
5.0 (still to be rescheduled) I'm announcing their relatively new retail
venture, Aftermath Technologies.

Basically, anything they have in their warehouse is up for sale. They've
taken pictures of a whole lot of stuff and have thrown them up on their
website. Some of it is priced, most of it is "make an offer". They've
got everything under the sun: all kinds of computers, peripherals, hard
drives, disk drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, routers, hubs, chassis,
printers, modems, scanners, cables, connectors, phones, VCRs, video
equipment, books, manuals, software, random crap...

Most of it is modern or semi-modern. Some of it is classic (lots of Apple
][s, TRS-80s, older Macs, etc). There's also lots of eclectic stuff in
there too. These folks get in truckloads of gear every week. What
doesn't get placed in schools and charities or sold gets shipped off to
China for recycling.

Your patronage contributes to a very good cause! Anything you buy will
help them carry on their mission to refurbish old computers that get
donated to schools and charities. Help educate the next generation!

The URL is Make sure to check out
the "Featured Items" catalog, as there are some gems in there.

Don't be scared by the high pricing of some stuff. They just don't know
what to ask for most of it. I tried to help them price some of the
classic stuff but the changes have apparently not made it to the website

So go and DIG!!! There is lots and lots of stuff. If you are looking for
just past modern PC or Mac bits then this is the place to go buy it from.

Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer Festival
International Man of Intrigue and Danger
Received on Sat Sep 22 2001 - 13:42:28 BST

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