Possibility of Classic Computing Garage Sale/Auction

From: Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com <vaxcat_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Sep 30 11:47:13 2001

So, here's the deal. From time to time, I get the itch to collect classic
stuff. I collect a bunch of stuff, pile it up in my house and then the
itch is scratched
and I forget about it for a while.

What compels me to do this I don't pretend to understand. But the simple
fact is that
most of you are doing such a good job collecting, restoring and preserving
this stuff
that there's just no need for me to do it. In other words, because I'm
pursuing my
own interests which take alot of space, the time has come to choose either
to be a
classic computer collector or not to be. (IE it's time to sh*t or get off
the pot.)

Therefore, I'm considering sending ALL my classic computing stuff to live
with the
rest of you where it will be preserved and loved. This will free up ALOT
of space
in my house to pursue interests such as art and photography.

And I'll get to see alot of smiling faces taking home treasures.

Mind you, I'd like to get some money back out of this stuff but not
necessarily as
much as I'd get on Ebay.

So I'm considering holding a garage sale/auction at my home the last weekend of
October in Des Moines, Iowa. More valuable items would be auctioned over the
course of an hour or so while less valuable (more common) items would simply
be priced, haggled and sold.

Stuff that would be sold or auctioned includes: Apple II stuff, Kaypro II,
Epson QX10, Green
screen monitors, Microvax II, Vaxstation 3100, Sun 3/60, 3/110s, Sun mono
monitors, mice, keyboards, books. I have a Cisco IGS router (now 10 years
a livingston 10 port terminal server, a TIE S100 chassis, a Vector S100
computer with 8" hard disk in separate enclosure, around a dozen s100 cards,
macintosh plus and other macintosh equipment, an 8" drive in it's own
a Shugart SA800 bare drive, software, books and all kinds of miscellaneous
bits of
hardware and software. I also have a 9 track streaming tape drive that
goes with
the Microvax II.

I also have an old tektronix scope with aluminum rolling cart, a 19" dual width
bud rack (4' tall appox), a crusty Northstar chassis and some other
ham radio and electronics equipment.

Also, of note, I have a 19" color terminal (the Intelligent Systems Corp
unit I mentioned
a few months ago), a vt102 and 2 or 3 vt220s with keyboards. I also have a
Xebec 10 meg
hard disk for Apple II machines and other weird and bizarre stuff.

As I say, although I want to get a few bucks out of the stuff, I also want
to go. So I'm willing to haggle. This would send it all away in one big
shot for me,
which would be absolutely wonderful. It'd also make me feel alot better
than putting
stuff in a dumpster or sending it to Goodwill.

So, essentially, what I'm looking for is this: If I were to hold this the
last Saturday
of October, how many people would be able to come or send another collector
on their
behalf? It would be in Des Moines, Iowa.

Please send me an email if you would be able to attend and, if enough
people express
interest, I'll make specific plans and post them this week.

Thanks and I hope everyone will see this as a positive thing and not be too
hard on me
for wanting to pursue my other interests.

Anthony Clifton
Des Moines, Iowa
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