need the use of a scanner with sheet feeder (near Seattle)

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 16:43:40 2002

That's interesting. Are you saying that it basically does OCR, but
does so with the font used in the document, so that is records one
'a' character (for example) and then replaces all future 'a's with
the recorded one? If so, then does it also do OCR? I've been looking
for a cheap/good OCR solution for scanned documents...


>However... have you checked out the DjVu imaging compression
>technology? DjVu is a non-propreitary superset of the iterated
>fractal system imaging compression technology I read about in
>Byte magazine back in the 1980s. Now that the secret's out of
>the bag, everyone can have utilize extremely high-compression
>if you can suffer the slight loss of fidelity to the original
>(for example, the analysis will find a single ideal letter form
>for an 'A', and uses that ideal letterform image when reconstructing
>the document, instead of recording every pixel at every location.
>For more info on DjVu, just point Google and cut the leash...
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