Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 13:43:07 2002

I went in over lunch to see what was new/old, and discovered they are
closing for inventory for a few weeks, but when they reopen in May,
they will only be open one day a week. The idea is that they will post
stuff to a web page so you can see what's worth a trip down on the single
day they do business. The guys who work there seem to think that
doesn't understand that stuff won't flow out as fast and they'll have
a backlog. They figure the new hours will last as long as the floor space

In the meantime, they had PowerMac 6100s for $5, 7100s for $10-$15 (I left
them there; already have a 6100; just got an AV monitor from them for $5)
I also saw a couple of A-sized HP pen plotters, a bunch of free 14" VGA
monitors (probably to clear them out before inventory) and the usual
desks and IBM Selectric typewriters and $10 laser printers.

I did pick up a few things...

Tektronix 502A dual-beam scope *with* Tek tilt cart
Heath ES-600 function generator (q. 2)
DEST PC SCAN 2000 (free)
NEC Multisync 2A (free) (would have been two, but the second one let out
  the magic smoke).
Apple 20MB SCSI drive (old Mac or late Apple II)
Misc Sun SCSI, video and serial cables (free - being a regular customer
  has its benefits, like knowing they allow you to take a dip into the
  large box of assorted cables when purchasing items (no sign above the
  box); they don't require a one-to-one match-up of cables to items, so I
  get a lot of Mac and Sun goodies that way. They just don't want to
  price the cables or keep them with the items for sale, so they all go in
  a big box if they are not attached to things).

I must have missed some SGI stuff - they had a couple of SGI keyboards on
the keyboard shelf. Their new hours are going to be a pain. Ah, well.


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