More 11/750 PSU Qs

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 04:13:22 2002

>> I was wondering if any of you know of a good power supply rebuilders in
>> the UK?
>Never needed one ;-)

I hear the sound of a volunteer :-)

>> order a new industrial PSU to supply these voltages/currents (plus
>Well, I'd rather keep the machine as original as possible (if only to
>make repairs easier in the future), not to mention the cost of a custom PSU

This machine used to at least power up without
exploding at least two owner's ago. It seems to
be the same machine reported as having a 2.5V
REGFAIL about four years ago ... so it's not
been powered off for a *really* log time.
OTOH, the PSU blocks do need to be plugged
back in correctly otherwise something
*will* go phut very loudly.

I'll go read the printset as soon as I dig it
out, it may have details of what goes where.

>NO!. SMPSUs do not like being run in parallel (unless designed to be used
>like that). One PSU will end up attempting to supply all the current and
>the other PSUs may not like having voltages applied to their outputs.

And once the first one drops dead, the next
most "powerful" one repeats the process.
Proof by "induction" left as an exercise :-)

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