Assorted goodies & TK Question

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 23:05:08 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> > Has anyone ever gotten a "TK50-Z" in a 'TK SCSI' encosure to work with any
> > 'normal' scsi controller on a PC or something? I picked one up for a few
> > $$ today, and just realized the enclosure has a 220V power supply...
> Yes, but not me. IIRC, it needs to be a TK50Z-GA. Keep in mind the drive
> is only 95MB, so is really only of use if you've got DEC HW.

  I'm running a TK50Z-GA on a VS4000/60, which drives all my other SCSI
stuff just fine. Was thinking about trying to hang it off a
NetBBSD/PC-DOS PC, to make tapes from some images. I got the -GA off
eBay for about $5. The shipping whupped me stupid, but it was worth

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