Assorted goodies & TK Question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 22:22:59 2002

> Has anyone ever gotten a "TK50-Z" in a 'TK SCSI' encosure to work with any
> 'normal' scsi controller on a PC or something? I picked one up for a few
> $$ today, and just realized the enclosure has a 220V power supply...

Yes, but not me. IIRC, it needs to be a TK50Z-GA. Keep in mind the drive
is only 95MB, so is really only of use if you've got DEC HW.

> Also, how do I get the disk out of an RRD40 without a computer attached?

Um, unless you've got the 'clear sleave', I don't think you're going to get
the disk out without demolishing the drive! As long as that's the drive I'm
thinking of it uses a funky 'pincer' holder for the CD, with a clear
'sleave' around it to make up the 'caddy'. You stick the caddy in the drive
and pull the 'sleave' back out. To remove the CD, you stick the 'sleave' in
and pull out the whole caddy. (hopefully that makes sense)

> DEC RRD40. I don't have anything but the drive and whatever is stuck in
> the drive with the CD in it. In a 110V external enclosure.

Any idea if this is a SCSI drive? There are two varients of this, one is
SCSI, the other connects to a Q-Bus controller.

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