simh V2.9-5

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 23:22:15 2002

> > I just downloaded and built simh V2.9. I was able to boot the
> > RA90 disk image I created for Charon-VAX. No timeout, full
> Just to be nit-picky, that would be V2.9-5.

The archive is, and that's what Bob called it, so
I was guessing the -x were the test releases and V2.9 was the
actual release.

> > source, with Ethernet support coming. There's supposed to
> > be a couple of bugs, but I haven't found them yet.
> Ethernet is coming?!?! When? I could really use ethernet support for the
> PDP-11 version of SIMH!

People are working on DELQA support, but I don't know the
current status.

> BTW, how does the speed of the VAX version compare to real hardware?

I haven't tested the speed at this time. There's also a gcc
bug that prevents using optimization on the VAX emulation.
The PDP10 emulation was also affected but there's been a
workaround added. The workaround is supposed to go in the
VAX emulation later (from the release notes).
Eric Dittman
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