Assorted goodies & TK Question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 23:15:10 2002

> > Yes, but not me. IIRC, it needs to be a TK50Z-GA. Keep in mind the drive
> > is only 95MB, so is really only of use if you've got DEC HW.
> I was hoping to use it to make an image of a bootable VMS 5.3 tape so I
> don't have to screw with MOP booting if/when I try to do a new install
> onto my VS3200. And it's a TK50Z-G3 according to the label.

Not sure I follow what you're trying to do, but anyhow. My guess is that
you can probably hook it up to a normal SCSI controller.

> How easy is it to take apart without killing the drive? Or can I make a
> 'clear sleve' very easily out of a couple of pieces of plastic?

I've no idea how easy it would be, I've never tried to take my drive apart.
As for making a 'sleave', I don't think you could without one to go by (even
then I'm not sure). The worst part is the caddies for this drive are rare
as hens teeth!

> It's got a pair of 50pin amphenols on the back, and a circuit board inside
> between the connectors and the drive. So, it looks like it's SCSI.

Oh, well. I'm sort of looking for one that will work with the Q-Bus board,
but not very hard.

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