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From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 15:18:58 2002

Ethan Dicks said:
> --- "Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" <> wrote:
> > > > My computer's heavier than yours.
> > > new sig: My computer's got more blinking lights than yours.
> > My computer's slower than yours.
> In the spirit of this "pecker contest" (as a former boss of mine would
> call it), let me suggest the "ultimate" metric for bragging rights...
> cubic-foot-BTU/Hr-lb-amps per KByte-MIPS.
> If you want to include blinkenlights, throw lumens in there somewhere.
> To throw out the first number, since I have the handbook right here,
> I assess the PDP-8/e at 98889 cuftBTUlbA/KBMIPS*. I'm sure something
> like an iPAQ would have an incredibly small number. If I had to guess,

This got me to thinking, since I have an iPaq. It's approximate
cuftBUTlbA/KBMIPS rating is:

5.651403e-08. [1]

yes, a very small number indeed. if this number is used to rate the
"classicness" of a computer, the iPaq could very well be the least classic
computer in existence ;)

[1] numbers involved:
cubic footage: 0.75. I think this might be high since I didn't actually
measure it.
BTU/hr: 1. I have no idea how much heat this thing outputs, but it does get
kind of warm, so 1 seems fair. it stays much cooler with the backlight off,
thought, maybe that should be figured in...
lb: 0.25; I think it weighs about 4oz.
A: 2, as this is what it's wall wart draws when it's plugged in. However, one
could make an argument that that's what is used to charge the battery and the
actual power demands of the device are lower. I am not making such an
argument because this was easy.
KB: 49152KB = 48MB -> 32MB RAM + 16MB flash.
MIPS: 135

- Dan Wright

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