"Windows V1.0"

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Apr 17 15:24:46 2002

> Zenith changed their software packaging a few times over the years.
> This is the same packaging as what I have on OS/2 1.0, and MS-DOS
> 3.3+.
> Consequently, looking back at the calendar, I think that
> it's far more likely that this is Windows 2.0 or 2.1.

It's not much help, but the first Z248 that we recieved had MS-DOS 3.x and
Windows 1.0x floppies included with it.

I've never seen a copy of Windows 2.x, however, oddly enough I recently
found a shrinkwrapped copy of Windows 1.0 in the trash!

On a vaguely interesting Windows 1.x note, the PC version of the game
"Balance of Power" included just enough of Windows 1.x to run the game! It
was the only use I ever had for Windows 1.x :^)

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