BS al a Erlacher

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 03:42:35 2002

If you'd read my earlier post, you'd know that my interest was in giving away
the hardware I had available. The reason was that, while I still use some of
the old boxes I have from back in the '70's, and while I still use the ones
that do something the newer ones don't, or simply do it more conveniently, I
don't have any interest in keeping non-functional or redundant hardware lying

I started out trying to give away a bunch of stuff, provided lists, etc, but,
rather than replies form folks interested in having this or that, I got a
number of replies instead that simply said, "I'll take it all, ship it to ..."
with no offer to participate, say, by paying for the packing and shipping.

Some of the old hardware I've had, particularly the earliest stuff from
'76-77, is still occasionally used and I keep it working as opportunity avails
itself. I wouldn't say I toy with 'em however. I hot-rod the things from
time to time, just to see what sort of speed could have come from them, under
circumstances that didn't then exist, but I certainly don't pretend I see them
as being in any sense better than what's out there today.

About that round of flames, I'm not particularly thin-skinned, though I do
become irritated when I'm misquoted. The folks who've taken time to display
their lack of literacy, first in being unable to understand the simple
statements made, the differences between computers built as computers and
others built from toys, etc, and additionally in being unwilling to construct
a coherent line of reasoning, not to mention present their posts having put a
little thought into them, and so flighty in their effort that their grammar,
syntax, and orthography are clear evidence they've not even read their own
writing, I can't possibly take them seriously.

Most of what I see in that last round is folks who misread what was said,
believing it was what they wanted so they could jump on it. The folks who can
read and write see through that right away. The ones who can't, or don't,
don't matter.


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> Since I haven't seen anyone ask this yet, I'll bite:
> Dick, do you actually have any interest in old machines or are you just
> trolling the list? All of the messages I've read from you lately strongly
> imply that you have no real interest toying with or using the systems we
> normally talk about on this list.
> I'm not trying to start a war, I'm just trying to ask an honest
> question (and perhaps giving you a chance to redeem yourself from the
> last round of flames).
> -- Pat
> On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> > Looks as though someone's p*ssed because he doesn't read and can't write
> > spell.
> >
> > Dick
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