BS al a Erlacher

From: Pat Finnegan <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 10:53:11 2002

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> If you'd read my earlier post, you'd know that my interest was in giving away
> the hardware I had available. The reason was that, while I still use some of
> the old boxes I have from back in the '70's, and while I still use the ones
> that do something the newer ones don't, or simply do it more conveniently, I
> don't have any interest in keeping non-functional or redundant hardware lying
> about.

I read that, but was asking because I don't remember seeing any posts from
you giving things away. That doesn't mean that you didn't ask, just that
I don't remember it (or didn't see it).

OK, time for me to SIGTERM this thread.

-- Pat
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