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From: James B. DiGriz <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 10:11:11 2002

Christopher Smith wrote:

>>wall. That's the grounds for the GNU/linux controversy, and
>>no doubt why
>>he makes demands that are taken as overreaching to UG's that
> Huh?
> There's nothing in the license that says you have to give GNU
> credit in the popularly accepted name of your software. Trying
> to change that after the fact by throwing your weight around, so
> to speak, is certainly in poor taste.
> Richard "I won't talk to you unless you call your project by my pet
> name" Stallman has lost much of my respect over all of this.
> Of course, this is just my opinion, and you can certainly disagree.
> want him to
>>speak. I don't envy his position. He has a point, too, even
>>if you think
>>it's overblown. Enough so that a lot of people would prefer
> If you mean that the FSF deserves some credit and respect, sure,
> but that's not the way for him to get the former, and it certainly
> has lost him lots of the latter, even if the project may still be
> relatively well thought of.
> Chris

I think you can make the case that he isn't entirely unjustified. He and
the FSF have a lot invested in it. I don't see anything more
objectionable in it than the average corporate trademark claim. It
certainly annoys a lot of people, though. It might behoove him to find a
better way of dealilng with the issue if he can. I'll go along with that.

The snide attempts at ad hominems are unwarranted, though.

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