Apple II Unidisk 3.5/LIRON card

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 11:08:40 2002

Hello all (except Dick :-) ),

I'm having a problem with an Apple IIe Platinum, and I hope you can help.
I recently acquired a LIRON 3.5" floppy controller card, and was looking
forward to using 3.5" disks on my AIIe. After some reading, it seemed that
the LIRON card would only work with a Unidisk 3.5" (model number starts with
"A2M"), and NOT with a 3.5" drive from, say, a IIgs (model number starts
with "A9M"). So, of course, I went and found a Unidisk 3.5" drive...

The combination doesn't work, *even with every other card pulled*, so here
are my questions:

- Will the LIRON card work with the Unidisk 3.5" drive? My reading of
several FAQs says "yes", but maybe I misread something...

- Does anyone have docs for either the drive, or the card? There are no
switches or jumpers, and the installation seems obvious, but who knows,
maybe I missed something....

- Can you boot from the 3.5" drive? Or is it only for storage, and you can
only boot with 5.25" drives?

Thanks for any help!

Rich B.

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