MacEthernet (Was: RE: APPLEVISION Monitor)

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 19:44:54 2002

Dick said:

> One thing that I've wondered is how one gets an old MAC to talk on the
> Ethernet when it's a mixed environment with Netware and Windows NT
servers. I
> know Netware has a provision for MAC namespace, but I've only seen one
> ethernet-capable MAC, which leaves me wondering how folks who use MACs
> an ethernet interface.

Nuvolink made a box, SCSI interfaced Ethernet, 10-base-2 and AUI.
The Quadra 700 was a slight modification to the Mac IIci.
The IIci didn't have Ethernet; the Q700 did. The IIci was a
1990 machine. Q700 was probably late '91 or early '92.
Not sure therefore what you mean by "old". May have been
e-net boards that clamped down on the 68k chip like the
hard drive upgrades and the 1st Radius FP display, but
once SCSI was in place, you had that. But shortly thereafter
you have e-nat on (almost) every Mac.

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