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> Dick said:
> > One thing that I've wondered is how one gets an old MAC to talk on the
> > Ethernet when it's a mixed environment with Netware and Windows NT
> servers. I
> > know Netware has a provision for MAC namespace, but I've only seen one
> > ethernet-capable MAC, which leaves me wondering how folks who use MACs
> install an ethernet interface.

Webster make just what you need. The Multiport/LT Router..
Routes IP, Appletalk and DECnet (appears as a Decnet node.) and provides a
phyical interface between the normal 10BaseT or 10Base2 ethernet and the
Appletalk phonenet stuff as well.
Will also DHCP for the Macs (and probably other things on the Ethernet side
but not sure about that)
Configurable with software from a Mac. I got one by sheer luck for next to
nothing with a bag of cables and stuff from auction, unit originally came
from the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide according to the asset tag.

RRP of around $2kUS so I was very happy. All my little (and not so little)
Macs have their phonenet/Appletalk wired to it and that connects them to the
Netware box via ethernet (which speaks Mac quite well) and to the Internet
via the ICS in a Win98Se box. Works both ways, my Laserwriter IIf is on the
Appletalk net and it can be queue fed from the Netware box so all the Pc's
can use it. Very nice bit of kit.

Ever try surfing on a Classic with Netscape 1.1 in glorious Black and White? has all the info.

All the software, firmware updates manuals etc etc freely downloadable from
the site.


Geoff in Oz
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