MacEthernet (Was: RE: APPLEVISION Monitor)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 20:25:29 2002

>Nuvolink made a box, SCSI interfaced Ethernet, 10-base-2 and AUI.
>The Quadra 700 was a slight modification to the Mac IIci.
>The IIci didn't have Ethernet; the Q700 did. The IIci was a
>1990 machine. Q700 was probably late '91 or early '92.
>Not sure therefore what you mean by "old". May have been
>e-net boards that clamped down on the 68k chip like the
>hard drive upgrades and the 1st Radius FP display, but
>once SCSI was in place, you had that. But shortly thereafter
>you have e-nat on (almost) every Mac.

        Focus made a combo video/ethernet card for certain
Powerbook's as well. I've got one of them in my 5300 and it works
great. It's nice having built-in ethernet vice using the PCMCIA
slot. Plus, how many laptops actually have upgradable/replacable
video cards?

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