Wanted: Cromemco assistance

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 22 09:02:00 2002

--- Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com> wrote:
> I can't help you with the front cover, but as far as the disk drive,
> probably any single-sided, single density 5.25" drive will do, such as a
> Tandon T100 (I hope I got the model right).

You are probably thinking of the TM100s that shipped with Kaypros
and IBM 5150 PCs. There's a (if _I_ remember correctly) model TM100-2
and a TM100-4, SSSD and DSSD. Someone here on the list, I think, has
the ROMs for a Kaypro-4 to let it use DSSD drives.
> I have various versions of Cromix on 5.25" and 8" disks, but will have to
> dig these out, and the chances of this happening in the next 2 months is
> close to zero :(

Cool. If you _do_ dig them out, I would perhaps like to get a copy
as well. I picked up a large box of Cromemco boards at Dayton this
year for $1/board plus another $1 for the 8" drive (with motorized
eject). The seller left the box and PSU at home, unfortunately. So
I have this Cromemco system minus the shell and transformer, but I have
the backplane and the drive and all the cards.

I do have a box to stuff the cards into for testing - my sister-in-law
works at the local post office and a customer mentioned having an S100
system he wanted to find a good home for... It appears to be complete,
with two 8" drives, a video card, etc, but with no software, I haven't
done much with it. I have CP/M on 5.25" disks for the C128 and the
Kaypro, but no CP/M on 8" for anything. I've never even _heard_ of
Cromix. Is it Cromemco CP/M or something completely different?

I remember the Cromemco ads in old Byte magazines. Since I was a)
a poor grade-school kid and b) into PETs and Apples, they never
appealed to me, but I do remember them. Maybe if one of my friends'
fathers had been a CP/M user, I might have picked up some interest

Are there docs on the web for Cromemco boards? Mostly, I care about
jumpers, etc. I don't think I _need_ schematics yet.



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