Wanted: Cromemco assistance

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Thu Aug 22 11:38:00 2002

> > probably any single-sided, single density 5.25" drive will do, such as a
> > Tandon T100 (I hope I got the model right).
> You are probably thinking of the TM100s that shipped with Kaypros
> and IBM 5150 PCs. There's a (if _I_ remember correctly) model TM100-2
> and a TM100-4, SSSD and DSSD.


Everybody else uses that to mean Double sided single density!
Except for Superbrain, where it stood for "SUPER density", since they had
already used up "quad density" to refer to DSDD.

The TM100-2 is DSDD (Double Sided Double Density)
The TM100-4 is DSDD 96 TPI, (or "quad density", if you like that MARKETING
(The TM100-4M is DSDD 100TPI! , for substitution of Micropolis type II)

> Someone here on the list, I think, has
> the ROMs for a Kaypro-4 to let it use DSSD drives.

Do you mean switching to 80 track per side operation?

> Kaypro, but no CP/M on 8" for anything. I've never even _heard_ of
> Cromix. Is it Cromemco CP/M or something completely different?

Cromemco people wanted Unix.
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