Wanted: Cromemco assistance

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Thu Aug 22 13:16:00 2002

Ethan wrote:
> You are probably thinking of the TM100s that shipped with Kaypros
> and IBM 5150 PCs. There's a (if _I_ remember correctly) model TM100-2
> and a TM100-4, SSSD and DSSD. Someone here on the list, I think, has
> the ROMs for a Kaypro-4 to let it use DSSD drives.

My recollection of common 5.25-inch drives (which could be wrong) was:

  Tandon Teac
  full-ht half-ht specs use

  TM100-1 FD55-A SS, 48 TPI early PC single-sided, 160/180K
  TM100-2 FD55-B DS, 48 TPI PC 320K/360K
  TM100-3 FD55-E SS, 96 TPI not found in PCs
  TM100-4 FD55-F DS, 96 TPI not found in PCs
  TM200 SS, 500 Kbps, 96 TPI not found in PCs
  TM201 FD55-G DS 500 Kbps 96 TPI not found in PCs, similar to but
                                         not interchangeable with the later
                                         1.2M PC/AT drives
           FD55-GF DS 500 Kbps 96 TPI, 300/360 RPM 1.2M PC/AT

48 TPI drives are speced for 40 tracks, 96 TPI for 80 tracks.

The TM200 and TM201 were rare; I'm not sure if they ever actually made it
into volume production, although I had data sheets on them at one time.
I've always wondered what happened to the FD55-C and FD55-D. The
FD55-GF is apparently still in production, but the other FD55 models
are long gone. I've been looking for NOS FD55-B drives, but haven't
seen any in quite a while.
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