TK 50 with VMS???

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 15:50:01 2002

> Just picked up a 4000-200 for next to nothing, but I need to install VMS
> on TK50, anyone have a VMS Install, maybe ver 4 or 5 or higher???? (I'm
> not familiar with a TF85, will it read TK50's and TK70's..... shaking the
> dust off of my near forgotten Vax skills {or here-in lack of})
> Curt

I'm not sure you'll be able to even run V5.5-4Hx (I think that's the high mark
for V5.5 and I'm not sure what the 'x' was), and I'm pretty sure you can't
run plain V5.5. You might need to go with V6.0 in order to have VMS support
your hardware. If you can get someone to build you tapes, I'd recommend
getting V7.2 or V7.3 instead of earlier versions if you can, as all the doc's
are available online.

IIRC, the TF85 can read TK50's and TK70's just fine, however, you can't
write them. Once you get the system up and running you'll probably want
some Compact III DLT tapes (or does it require Compact II tapes).

I take it this is the first VMS system you've owned? If so you'll probably
find some useful pointers in the VAX section of

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