TK 50 with VMS???

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 16:17:01 2002

Thanks, so go higher VMS Rev level, okay..... my last Vax was a MicroVax
II and that was 95' so its been quite a while.


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Subject: Re: TK 50 with VMS???

> > Just picked up a 4000-200 for next to nothing, but I need to install
> > on TK50, anyone have a VMS Install, maybe ver 4 or 5 or higher????
> > not familiar with a TF85, will it read TK50's and TK70's..... shaking
> > dust off of my near forgotten Vax skills {or here-in lack of})
> >
> > Curt
> I'm not sure you'll be able to even run V5.5-4Hx (I think that's the high
> for V5.5 and I'm not sure what the 'x' was), and I'm pretty sure you can't
> run plain V5.5. You might need to go with V6.0 in order to have VMS
> your hardware. If you can get someone to build you tapes, I'd recommend
> getting V7.2 or V7.3 instead of earlier versions if you can, as all the
> are available online.
> IIRC, the TF85 can read TK50's and TK70's just fine, however, you can't
> write them. Once you get the system up and running you'll probably want
> some Compact III DLT tapes (or does it require Compact II tapes).
> I take it this is the first VMS system you've owned? If so you'll
> find some useful pointers in the VAX section of
> Zane
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