SGI GDM-20D11 monitor?

From: Sark <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 20:17:00 2002

Sounds like the monitor is getting confused by the other sync signals.
I had the same problem trying to connect an SGI Indigo 2 to a standard
VGA monitor. I found that by making a simple cable with only pins
1,2,3,6,7, and 8 connected (VGA red, green and blue, and associated
grounds). This stripped the extra signals, and it worked flawlessly. I
would think an actual SGI monitor would work fine without any
modifications though, but then again, it didn't work with my Sun
GDM-17E10 monitor without this sort of adapter.

Ian Primus

On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 09:06 PM, Joe wrote:

> At 03:01 PM 12/4/02 -0500, you wrote:
>> On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Joe wrote:
>>> I found two SGI "granite" monitors for $5 in a surplus place this
>>> morning. Does anyone know if these will work with the SGI Indigo?
>>> (XS-24 video card.) I tried them but I'm not getting any video
>>> and
>>> I'm not sure if these are both bad or if they're even supposed
>>> work
>>> with the Indigo. I checked the SGI and Indigo FAQs and can't find
>>> anything about exactly what systems the monitors are compatible
>>> with.
>> Yeah, those should work just fine on the Indigo.
>> I assume your Indigo is known operational, and that you have a
>> suitable
>> cable. Do the monitors just not display a picture, or do they not even
>> exit power-save?
> I don't think it's even exiting power save. When I turn it on the
> power light comes on and there's a click from inside the monitor.
> After a few seconds the yellow power save light comes on and then I
> hear another click from inside the monitor. When I turn the Indigo on,
> it powers up and plays it's tune so I know that it's started but
> nothing changes on the monitor.
> I disconnected the video cable at the monitor and looked for sync
> on pin 3 and found that there was no sync* unless I started the Indigo
> with no monitor connected. (The sync was 63.something kHz). If I then
> connected the video cable to the monitor both the yellow power save
> and green power lights started blinking.
> *I don't think the lack of sync on pin 3 indicates a problem. This
> monitor is suppossed to Sync-on-Green. In fact, the lack of sync on 3
> when I boot the computer with the monitor connected may well indicate
> that the computer recognizes that this monitor doesn't use a separate
> sync signal.
> The computer is definitely working. After trying these monitors I
> plugged the video cable into my usual monitor and everything worked
> exactly as it's supposed to.
> I was wondering, if I use a logic pulser and pulse the green input
> on the monitor will it generate random garbage on the screen? Any
> thoughts on that?
> Joe
>> ok
>> r.
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