1977 Apple II for sale.

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Date: Sun Dec 15 23:32:00 2002

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Subject: RE: 1977 Apple II for sale.
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> You shouldn't expect or feel entitled to a windfall just because one
> auction goes out of control like this one did.

Oh. I'm quite familiar with eBay fickleness and the way prices
fluctuate worse than the stock market. I'm not really expecting
enormous sums of green for any of our auctions (though it never hurts
to dream). :) I am pleased that the Apple II GEOS package I have up
is doing fairly well at least; almost halfway to what the BIN price
was. And there is now a second bidder involved in my Commodore 2002
monitor auction. That's always a pleasant sign, since it brings in
the potential (even if just a small potential) for a bidding brawl.

I did have a look at what abeclassic had bid on and won over the past
month; and even if he doesn't bid on any of my stuff, having those
search results bookmarked helps me to get ideas for stuff from my own
collections to clear out and convert to cash. :p

Well, better sign off here now and get a few more things listed.
Then I might play a few rounds of Parsec or even try to start
learning Assembly Language on the TI, now that I have my 99/4a and
Expansion Box permanently set up (sharing desk space with my Souped
up Apple IIGS that I finally got around to setting up last night...)

-- Scarletdown
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