PDP-11 DRV11-B question

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Jan 6 19:35:29 2002

On Jan 6, 17:58, Tom Leffingwell wrote:
> Does anyone have a list of the function of the switch settings on
> the PDP DRV11-B / M7950 card? Also, is there an easy way to tell whether
> the device is at least recognized by the system? Something like a "show
> dev" on an alpha would be nice.

If you know its address, try to access the CSR from ODT. For example, if
the CSR is at 772410 (which is the default) then if you type that address
at the ODT prompt, followed by a '/' (without the quotes), you should see
the contents of the CSR. If there's nothing at that address, trying to
read it will cause a bus timeout, and all you'll get is a question mark and
a new prompt.

> Also, can anyone point me to a document that gives a good overview
> of the LSI-11 bus, so that I can understand what I'm doing when I change
> these settings (such as base and vector settings)?

Probably the Microcomputer and Memories Handbook 1982 is your best bet, as
it covers the 11/23, LSI-11 and 11/2, various memory boards (including your
MSV11-D and MSV11-L), and has sections on the processors, architecture, and
so on. You sometimes see them on EBay. I think that was the last (or
2nd-last) QBus CPU/memory handbook. There are at least one or two earlier
editions that would have the same general infomation, but not the specific
bits about 11/23 and contemporary memory, or 22-bit operation.

There's a companion volume, PDP-11 Microcomputer Interfaces 1983-84, which
you'd find useful. It has all the information about the BA11-M/N/S
backplanes and many peripherals, including your DRV11-B.

Apart from that, have you looked at the Micronotes at

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