Astronautics ZS-1

From: Jon Auringer <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 12:45:02 2002


Is there anyone here that would be interested in rescuing an
Astronautics ZS-1, or maybe a couple?

I am currently the Systems Admin for the Astronautics Technology Center
in Madison Wisconsin. Our facility has been sold and our staff may, or
may not, be relocated. Either way, the plan is to scrap the several ZS-1
mini-supercompters that we designed and built here. If I can find
someone who has the resources to pick up these machines, I may be able
to persuade our management to OK it.

Unfortunately, the time window for doing this is very limited. Our
headquarters wants to come dismantle these machines ASAP.

These machines are are large, they require a lot of power, and will
_NOT_ be supported in any way by this company. Each machine is a tall
double-wide rack with a third rack for a Storagetek 9-track tape drive.

If you need more information on what these machines are, or are capable
of, I suggest searching Google. If you have any specific questions,
please feel free to e-mail me.


Jon Auringer
Received on Mon Jan 07 2002 - 12:45:02 GMT

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