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Date: Mon Jan 7 16:50:55 2002

Hi William,

> What kind of window are we dealing with? A week? A month?

I think I need a commitment this week or next at the latest. Our HQ is in a hurry to get this stuff taken care of. I found out this morning that they are sending maintenance people here tomorrow (tuesday) to pick some stuff up. I am in the process of stripping three "spare" ZS machines so they can take the chassis and power supplies. I know these three would never be viable as complete systems, so I want to get all the usable stuff out of them.

> Quite interested, by the way. I think I know people that worked at
> Astronautics.

There were a bunch of them. When I started here in 1989, there were over 150 people in this facility. Two weeks after I started they shut down the computer group and most everyone left for new challenges. :(

Are you in the Madison area? Do you want to come take a look at what we are dealing with?

> William Donzelli


Jon Auringer
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