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From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 8 19:37:01 2002

yeah, I've heard they suck like that lately... Of course, what do you expect
from a PC maker with painfully low margins? expensive as new SGIs are, I
really haven't been able to beat their customer service, and it's fine as long
as I'm not paying for the machines ;-)

Doc said:
> On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Jeff Hellige wrote:
> > Fresh P4 1.4 as shipped from Dell with NT on it. Not that I
> > think much of Dell's quality anyway, but this machine didn't impress
> > me at all. The CPU even arrived filthy but still sealed in it's box
> > and inner bag.
> I try very hard to do business locally, even at the cost of a few
> bucks. But Dell, after 2.5 years of doing business with them as a
> representative of my UT dept, has lost my custom forever. We bought a
> high-end workstation from Dell contingent on a hard delivery date. The
> due date came, no box, our sales rep said it was on the burn-in bench
> and would ship next day. Two days later, no box, our rep wasn't in, his
> boss checked and said "We are on back-order for your 36G drives" He
> didn't seem disturbed that the rep had lied to me. When I told him that
> the order was contingent on a timely delivery, and that I would have
> expected an email warning me that our order was delayed, he said this:
> "Mr. Shipley, it _would_ be nice if we could do that. However, we
> don't have any mechanism in place for that, and you won't find any
> first-tier OEM that does."
> Huh?! That was the last piece of business I'll EVER do with Dell.
> Doc
- Dan Wright

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